C.I. Kasei - Product Data Sheets

C.I. AQUA TACKSEAL is water swelling semi-vulcanized butyl rubber sealing material exclusively developed for joints in precast manholes.
Hydrotite is well known as a superior water sealant. Unlike conventional water sealants, Hydrotite has a unique double action system. First, the rubber elasticity forms a seal between the two surfaces. Second, unique to Hydrotite, the rubber absorbs water thus expanding within the joint gap, increasing sealing pressure water leakage is prevented as any joint opening due to external forces is automatically sealed by Hydrotite's water absorption.

Hydrotite products are world renowned for their long term stability and durability. Hydrotite seals can vary in their expandability depending on the required design and specific application.
Hydrotite CJ-type has been developed as an effective, simple and economical sealing material for site formed construction joints based on the proven effectiveness of Hydrotite.
Advanced CJ products coated with special coating, called CJTA.
LEAKMASTER is a one component type water swelling sealant with excellent and unique physical properties. LEAKMASTER was developed based on our technology and long experience in water swelling sealants and rubbers.