Soudaseal 4 All Paint
Soudaseal 4 All Paint, perfect paintability for professional sealant in multiple applications. Unrivaled unique formulation.

Soudaseal 4 All Paint is a high quality single component joint sealant with high adhesive strength. It has excellent UV stability for glazing applications without the use of primer.


  • glazing sealant between glass and all usual frame materials

  • sealing of wall and expansion joints

  • joints in high rise constructions

  • perimeter sealing around window and doorframes

  • all sealing jobs which need to be painted


  • ecological advantages - free of isocyanates, solvents, phtalates, halogens and acids

  • good extrudability even at low temperatures

  • primerless adhesion on many substrates (consult our technical service for more details)

  • no bubble formation within sealant (in high temperature and humidity applications)

  • high bond strength on nearly all surfaces

  • excellent adhesion on glass and PVC

can be painted with most common paints, both water based and alkyd-resinbased.

paintable 24 hours after application and very easy to apply.

environment friendly.

solvent free
free of isocyanates
does not contain phtalates

permanently elastic once fully cured.

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